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Intro to Havening Techniques: The Healing Power of Touch

Wednesday, April 26, 6:30pm – 8pm


Come turn your chaos into calm and join Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach Hilary Russo for an hour of self-regulation and self-soothing with Self-Havening. Havening Techniques is a neuroscience based psycho-sensory approach that changes the landscape of the brain. Often called, “CPR for the Amygdala”, Havening uses touch and pleasant distractions to alter your thoughts, moods, behaviors and habits rapidly and permanently. The brain enters a nurturing Delta Wave or “sleep state” and releases the “happy hormones”: oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and GABA . Havening is effective for everyday upsets to deep rooted traumas including feelings associated with stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, focus, sleep, post-traumatic stress, fears, grief and more.  You’ll leave feeling confident, clear minded and calm. But most of all, you’ll walk away self-empowered with tools to heal from within and put the power of active, emotional well-being in your own hands.

This session will include:
  • An introduction Havening Techniques®
  • A guided Self-Havening experience with Hilary
  • Group Discussion: Time for questions and answers. 

Hilary Russo, is The HIListically Speaking® Health Coach.  She is one of the first 150 Certified Havening Techniques Practitioners in the United States of only 700 worldwide.  Hilary studied directly under the founding doctors of Havening, who have called her a “pioneer” in the field working with children, as well as purpose driven C-Suites Executives,  Grammy award-winning Metropolitan Opera singers, first responders, military and media professionals.

Trauma informed, Hilary has been nationally recognized as a leader and public figure for her work in holistic transformational health. Hilary is also a Certified Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, Hypnotherapist and award-winning multimedia health/wellness host & journalist encouraging you “turn your traumas into triumphs”,  “be kind to your mind” and HUG it Out™  with yourself for Healing, Understanding and Gratitude. 


Body Positive Works Sangha Connections

Monday, April 3, 7pm – 8pm

Monday, June 12, 7pm – 8pm

FREE to attend

Welcome to the Body Positive Works Connections Sangha! A unique community meet up, open to anyone working in Yoga or any other holistic practice that works towards bringing positivity and healing into our world. Here at Body Positive Works, we wanted to offer a gathering place, where like minds could come together, share experiences and learn from one another. This is a non-competitive and non-judgmental gathering, offering a deep sense of community, support and connection. The opportunity to share, absorb, learn and laugh together! Come to bounce around ideas, to share about what you are currently teaching, learning or working on, or just come to spend some time with your community!

Each Sangha will look like this…

  • warm welcome (to come together)
  • short meditation (to get grounded)
  • guest speaker or guest demo (to learn)   
  • open discussion circle (to connect)
  • mingle, chat and spend time in your community!

Time:  7pm-8:30pm  (Your presence is deeply felt and appreciated, even if you can only stay for a little while.)

This is a FREE event.  Registration will help us plan, however walk-ins are most welcome.


Group Sound Healing, "Attune. Release. Renew." with Joy Mino

Second Friday of the month – $35

NOTE: April’s Group Sound Healing will take place on April 7 (NOT April 14)

Pre-Registration required

The use of sound to find peace, meditate and reflect, is an age old practice that has deep ties to ancient traditions. Quiet your mind and release old physical and energetic patterns with this Sound Healing Meditation using Himalayan Singing Bowls. The use of Himalayan Singing Bowls, vibrationally attuned to each energy center, allows for healing pathways to open and stuck energy to be released. Find your inner calm and walk away feeling refreshed and renewed.

Pre-registration required! Limited to 12 participants.


Awakening in the Midst of Life – A Meditation for Inner Recognition with Bhante Sujatha

Awakening in the Midst of Life – A Meditation for Inner Recognition with Bhante Sujatha

Wednesday, May 10, 7pm


Life doesn’t take a time out for us, even when we feel like we need it. But we have the power to
take our mind out of life, and can use this ability to observe it clearly. This is the way we bring
our practice off of the cushion and into the midst of life. By learning to keep our mind open and
aware throughout the day, we discover the true application of mindfulness practice.
In this workshop, Bhante Sujatha will guide you through techniques that help to dissolve the
lines between the “beginning” and “ending” of a meditation practice, and discover that
mindfulness is an ongoing process that becomes a companion in life.
In this program suitable for both new and seasoned practitioners, we will learn how to measure
our responses, become more adaptive, reduce conflict, and manage emotions.
Join Bhante Sujatha in this workshop to learn that in both good times and bad, we always have
the choice to step back and see what is happening.

This session will include: 
• An Introduction – Awakening in the Midst of Life
• A Guided Mediation
• Group Discussion: Time for questions and answers 

Proceeds go to Bhante’s “Mothers & Incubator Project” in Sri Lanka. Bhante does his book signing after the workshop, and his Loving Kindness T-Shirts, & CDs will also be available for purchase.

About Bhante:
Bhante Sujatha, a 40+ year Buddhist Monk, is singularly focused on adding more love in the world.  Bhante teaches loving-kindness meditation to people around the globe for all those seeking the art of happiness and contentment.  His approach to meditation is deep and simple, bringing core Buddhist teachings to everyone in a way that is practical and easy to understand. 
A joyful, radiant, funny, and wildly energetic monk, Bhante will help you obtain peace that can only be found in deep silence. Bhante believes his purpose is not only to teach meditation, but also, “teaching people how to be happy.” For more information visit Bhante’ s website


Women, Food, and Healing: A Therapeutic Support Group with Melanie Struble, LCSW, LCADC

Women, Food, and Healing: A Therapeutic Support Group with Melanie Struble, LCSW, LCADC

Dates TBA

6 weeks | $300.00

Do you judge what you eat, do you judge yourself? Are you constantly thinking about food, your body, your weight? Do these thoughts about food and your body take you out of the present moment, impact your mood, leave you feeling upset with yourself, or lead to negative behaviors or habits to manage the pain? Do you determine your self-worth by the number on the scale? If the answer is “YES” to any of these questions, join Melanie Struble, LCSW, LCADC for a 6-week Therapeutic Support Group.


Disordered Eating Meal Support Group (ages 16+) with Erica Ban, MS, RD

Disordered Eating Meal Support Group (ages 16+) with Erica Ban, MS, RD

Dates TBA

6 weeks | $300.00

In eating disorder treatment, the path to successful recovery requires addressing two major areas:

  • Behavior changes related to food, exercise, weight
  • Psychological and emotional issues

To make progress toward becoming recovered, great benefit can come from extra support at mealtime. Erica Ban, (Licensed Dietitian – mealtime support facilitator) will discuss with participants their feelings about eating and mealtime, and help them learn to utilize coping skills to handle strong urges, emotions, and distressing thoughts. Through this process, group members can challenge the underlying thought patterns that give them the most trouble in recovery. The first half of the group will be dedicated to eating a meal together. The second half of the group will provide post meal processing – discussing the entire mealtime experience – thoughts, feelings, and urges that arose during the meal, and reflect on the day’s moments of ease and discomfort. Tools to enhance recovery and increase awareness and insight will be offered throughout each week’s session.


Grief Support Group (ages 18+) with Chani Getter, MSW, LSW

Grief Support Group (ages 18+) with Chani Getter, MSW, LSW

Dates TBA

6 weeks | $300.00 

When someone close to us dies, we ourselves feel lost, our identity shifts. We wonder who we are if we are no longer someone’s grandchild, child, sibling, spouse, partner, friend or parent. 

A story is told… when we lose someone close to us, it is as if our heart shatters and splinters all over, like birds, these shards that are our heart fly away. Over time one piece comes back at time. They slowly mend as one piece of us falls back into place…

As we build our lives, we envision, create, experience, and love, we are aware of life and death. We consciously know death is a part of all things living, yet conscious awareness does not heal the pain of grief. Grieving in community is our true nature – being seen, witnessed, heard, and then offering support to another, begins to introduce the heart to the possibility of healing. Grieving does not mean forgetting, and it certainly has no timeline. Healing means living alongside grief, growing around the grief. In this support group, we will make space for both, meet with others who live with the pain of grief, support and learn from one another, and in time make space for more smiles than tears. We will discuss the stages of grief, how grief is stored in the body, how to release it, and how to be with the reality in which we live now, to integrate loss into our life and find healing and wholeness.


Mindful Eating Support Group with Adina Kelman, Holistic Health Coach

Mindful Eating Support Group with Adina Kelman, Holistic Health Coach

Dates TBA

3 weeks | $150.00

Emotional eating affects everyone and impacts both our physical and mental health. 

Learn how to heal your relationship to food and body in this 3 week support group.  

Join Adina Kelman as she outlines 

  • what emotional eating is
  • how intuition and self trust connect to lifelong health
  • mindfulness and self care skills that will allow you to move through mealtime with greater ease
  • self care skills that will enable you to nourish your body with love and compassion 
  • strategies to help you manage the feelings that often conflict with our long term health goals 


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