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PTSD and Trauma Therapists in New Jersey

Body Positive Works takes a trauma-informed approach to all of our practices and services. 

Our practitioners are continually seeking education and training from world-renowned trauma experts to provide the most up-to-date information to work alongside you.

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What is Trauma?

According to Dr. Gabor Maté, “trauma is a psychic wound that hardens you psychologically that then interferes with your ability to grow and develop. It pains you and now you’re acting out of pain. It induces fear and now you’re acting out of fear. Trauma is not what happens to you, it’s what happens inside you as a result of what happened to you.”

Bessel van der Kolk describes trauma as “not the story of something that happened back then. It’s the current imprint of that pain, horror, and fear living inside people.”

Trauma-Informed Care: A New Approach to Mental Health Treatment

Trauma-Informed care is an approach to mental health treatment that focuses on healing from trauma. It helps people who have experienced trauma to develop resilience and thrive.

Traumatic events cause changes in the brain’s structure and function. These changes can lead to symptoms such as anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and substance abuse.

The goal of trauma-informed care is to help people recover from traumatic experiences and move forward with their lives. In order to achieve this, providers must understand what trauma is and how it impacts the brain.

Trauma-informed care is based on the idea that everyone has been affected by trauma at some point in their lives. This means that everyone needs support to heal from past traumas and learn how to cope with future stressors.

Trauma-informed mental health care recognizes that trauma affects every aspect of life, including relationships, work, school, and self-care. People who have experienced trauma often struggle with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other symptoms. These symptoms can make it difficult to function normally and lead to unhealthy behaviors.

Why Choose Us for Trauma Therapy in New Jersey?

At Body Positive Works, we are aware, with great compassion, of how trauma can affect the mind and body. We take a trauma-informed approach to help process the trauma, heal the wounds, and move through the experience to find meaning and possibility. 

Our practitioners are experienced in multiple modalities and areas of practice to offer an integrated approach toward wholeness. 

In our space, you will be listened to, heard, and witnessed.

Where Our Trauma Therapists in New Jersey are Located

trauma therapists in new jersey

Our home is a beautiful heritage house in the heart of Saddle River, Bergen County, NJ. We are directly across the street from Wandell Elementary School and next door to the Municipal Building.
We are centrally located with convenient access to Rt. 17 and the Garden State Parkway, and on the border of Rockland County. Check out how close you are to us on the map from all localities – including Fair Lawn, Glen Rock, Hawthorne, Hillsdale, Hohokus, Mahwah, and Waldwick.

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