Integrated Mental Health & School Wellness Services

Empowering Educational Communities Through Holistic Wellness

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Welcome to Body Positive Works, where we extend our comprehensive mental health and wellness services to schools across New Jersey. In our dedicated effort to support schools, we offer a unique approach to wellness that combines a plethora of traditional and holistic practices, tailored specifically for students, educators, and staff.

Our Approach to Wellness in Education

Holistic Services Tailored for Schools

At Body Positive Works, we believe in an integrative, holistic approach to wellness that supports the emotional, mental and physical health of the students and staff. Our programs are designed to complement and support the services and programs that you already prodivde on site.

Building Resilient School Communities

Body Positive Works is committed to fostering environments where mental health is prioritized, empowering students and educators to embrace self-acceptance and holistic well-being. By partnering with us, your school will gain access to a diverse range of integrative wellness services, tailored to support the unique needs of your community.

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Our Mission

At Body Positive Works, we are dedicated to transforming lives through a comprehensive approach to wellness that honors the mind, body, and spirit.

Founded in Saddle River, New Jersey, our mission is to create a sanctuary where individuals of all ages can find support, healing, and community.

We extend this mission to educational settings, recognizing the pivotal role schools play in nurturing the well-being of our youth.

Our Philosophy

We believe that true wellness transcends physical health, encompassing emotional and mental resilience, self-acceptance, and holistic healing. This belief is at the core of our integrative wellness model, which combines traditional psychotherapy with a wide array of holistic practices.

From Art therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Havening, Psychotherapy, Yoga and Nutrition counseling to innovative therapies like equine-assisted Psychotherapy and Sound Healing, we offer a diverse range of services designed to support every individual.

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Art Therapy and How it Can Help You

Our Commitment to Education

Understanding the unique challenges faced by students, educators, and staff, Body Positive Works is committed to bringing our integrative, holistic wellness services into schools. 

We aim to empower educational communities, fostering environments where mental health is prioritized, and individuals are equipped with the tools they need for personal growth and resilience.

Through partnership with schools, we strive to make our integrative wellness services accessible to more young people, supporting them in navigating life’s challenges with strength and confidence.

Our support doesn’t just stop with helping students, our services, view our packages.

Why Partner with Us?

Partnering with Body Positive Works means joining a community dedicated to making a difference. We offer tailored wellness solutions to meet the specific needs of your school, working closely with you to develop programs that support the mental, emotional, and physical health of your students and staff.

With Body Positive Works, your school will gain a trusted ally in the journey towards a more compassionate, healthy, and supportive educational environment.

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Join Us

We invite you to explore the possibilities of partnership and to learn more about how we can support your school’s wellness goals. Together, we can create a brighter, healthier future for our educational communities.

Contact us to start the conversation and to discover how Body Positive Works can enhance wellness within your school.

Comprehensive Wellness Solutions​

Beyond Student Support

Our support doesn’t just stop with helping students; our services are designed to encompass the entire school community, including parents and staff.

At Body Positive Works, we understand that fostering a holistic environment of well-being requires engaging all stakeholders in the educational process. To this end, we offer customizable packages that not only focus on student wellness but also include dedicated programs for parent education and staff development.

These packages are designed to empower and educate, creating a unified approach to mental health and wellness within the school community.

Customizable Wellness Packages

For Parents

Engaging and Empowering Workshops

Mindful Parenting

Learn strategies for incorporating mindfulness into daily family life, reducing stress and enhancing the parent-child relationship.

Nutrition and Family Health

Interactive sessions with our Registered Dietitians and Holistic Health Coaches to foster healthy eating habits for the whole family.

Emotional Resilience

Workshops aimed at helping parents understand emotional wellness and resilience, providing tools to support their children through challenges.

For Staff

Professional Development and Self-Care Programs

Stress Management for Educators

Tailored workshops focused on managing stress, preventing burnout, and promoting self-care among school staff.

Effective Communication Strategies

Enhance team dynamics and improve communication skills, fostering a supportive school environment.

Holistic Health in the Workplace

Sessions on integrating holistic health practices into the school setting, including yoga, meditation, and breathwork for staff wellness.

Tailored Packages to Meet Your School’s Needs

Understanding that each school has unique needs, we offer the flexibility to tailor our wellness packages. Whether you’re looking to address specific challenges or enhance overall well-being, our team works closely with you to develop a comprehensive program that includes:

Customized Workshops and Seminars

Choose from a wide range of topics relevant to your community’s needs.

Ongoing Support and Resources

Access to materials and follow-up sessions to ensure lasting impact.

Integration with Existing School Programs

Collaborate with school counselors and wellness committees to align our services with your goals.

Partnering for a Healthier School Community

Embrace the opportunity to enhance the wellness landscape of your school. With Body Positive Works, you gain a partner committed to creating an environment where students, parents, and staff thrive together.

Contact us to explore how our customizable wellness packages can bring holistic health and harmony to your school community.

Let’s Create a Healthier Future Together

Are you ready to elevate the wellness journey of your educational community? Body Positive Works is here to collaborate with you, offering tailored mental health and holistic wellness services that nurture the well-being of students, educators, and staff alike.

Take the First Step

Connect with us to discover how our unique approach to wellness can support your school’s needs. By filling out our contact form, you’re taking a crucial step towards building a supportive, resilient, and empowered school community.

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