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Getting Into Yoga

Last Updated: December 11, 2023

Yoga is always something that seems like a workout, where you have to be in good shape and extremely flexible to do it. While it does help, Yoga is not just for this type of person. It can help everyone in different ways, and in the process strengthen muscles and flexibility. Many set in their minds what they think a yoga class is going to be like, but I am here to tell you that whatever you may think it is going to be like usually ends up changing. 

How come? Well, during a yoga class, your mind goes in a lot of different directions, and how you may feel going into it will change during the experience. Yoga is a powerful practice that connects your mind, body, and spirit together. So even though you may think that going into downward dog feels new or weird, there is a purpose for everything. Sometimes getting into uncomfortable, new situations can help with more than just the flexibility of your muscles. 

There are different types of Yoga for different types of situations, whether you are struggling with an eating disorder, anxiety, grief, negative body image, depression, etc. It is important to know that anyone can benefit from self-care and self-love. Our weekly classes are designed to support our specialized monthly classes and workshops, furthering the exploration of the individual experience. BoPo is a transformative place that puts the emphasis on positive growth, healing, and self-care. All are welcome!

At Body Positive Works, put emphasis on getting to know you so that we can support your yogic journey on and off the mat. We understand that everybody is different. Not just our physical bodies, but also our emotional and energetic bodies. We have created a yoga program that is highly accessible, supportive, and non-judgmental. BoPo is a safe environment made just for your experience. 

As somebody who had never done yoga in the past, I was very hesitant to get started. I thought that Yoga could help me physically, but I didn’t think it would mentally soothe me and clear my mind as it did. As I rolled out my Yoga mat, got comfortable, and began to take deep breaths, I realized that this could be something more than just different stretches for an hour. What one doesn’t realize when you step into a yoga studio, you feel completely different when you walk out. I went in with the intention of stretching my sore muscles, but came out with the feeling of clarity, and that I need to make sure to prioritize myself more. After that session, I craved the feeling more and more. 

Continuing with my Yoga journey, I practiced once every week in classes. But as I became even more familiar and comfortable with it, I started doing it more than twice every single day, before bedtime or after my workouts. It helps me feel at home in my body, connecting my breath and mind back with my body, feeling secure, and making sure to take care of myself. It feels good to know that you are doing something for yourself. 

Although it may not be for everyone, I highly recommend trying yoga, whether you are struggling or not. It can have some really amazing benefits that you may not be fully aware of. It is an amazing way to destress and feel an inexplicable cleanse. Being able to take time to move your body, reflect, breathe, and do something for yourself is so important and can help you feel more confident in your mind and in your body.