Getting Into Yoga

Getting Into Yoga

Yoga is always something that seems like a workout, where you have to be in good shape and extremely flexible to do it. While it does help, Yoga is not just for this type of person. It can help everyone in different ways, and in the process strengthen muscles and flexibility. Many set in their …

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Yoga in Bergen County

Yoga in Bergen County

Over the past twenty years or so, Bergen County New Jersey has seen a boom in the yoga world. As yoga has become a mainstream method of exercise and staying healthy, its many other benefits have also been discovered. People now associate the word “yoga” not only with exercise but also with relaxation and restoration …

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Yoga for Beginners

Yoga For Beginners

Have you tried yoga? That might be the last thing you want to hear when things aren’t feeling great. It has become the go-to question of well-intentioned friends everywhere. I saw a commercial recently that had this exact storyline. The person feels down, a well-intentioned friend asks if they have tried any yoga classes, cut to …

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Mind Body Yoga and Food Addiction, How They Work

Losing control or the ability to stop consuming food is a disease often referred to as Food Addiction. When first hearing the word addiction, many think of drugs or alcohol. Food addiction can be just as dangerous and can occur for many reasons. Scientifically speaking, the addiction to food is caused by a chemical dependency within the …

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