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Here’s How A Holistic Nutritionist Can Help You

The first question that comes to mind when talking about “Holistic Nutrition” may be, “what is a holistic nutritionist?” Holistic Nutritionists focus on the whole person, including your mind, body, and soul. At Body Positive Works, we take a holistic approach to many different struggles that you may be fighting through. Sitting down with a dietician and eating right is just as important as finding that mind-body connection when it comes to working with a Holistic Nutritionist.

It is essential to recognize the different services and recommendations that are available and provided by a Holistic Nutritionist. Here are some of the approaches that are taken when it comes to holistic nutrition. Keep in mind that everyone is different, and you may take a different path than someone else, and that is OKAY. That’s why they are there to guide you and find what’s best for you!


Yoga is something that may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of seeking help with your nutrition. But, interestingly enough, it is something highly recommended here at Body Positive Works. How does yoga help you holistically? Yoga begins to have you think about and connect with your body in a different way and feel it moving in a different way. When it comes to nutrition, we tend to talk about our body in one particular way, but in yoga, you are given a different lens to see into your body. Seeing your body move and having present awareness, gives you the opportunity to see your body as a whole being, rather than a shape, size, or number. By focusing on your WHOLE self, it eliminates common negative misconceptions that many have about their bodies like their muffin top or big thighs, which are something that you should accept, being that you only get one body.


Body Positive Works also offers Reiki, another special type of therapy to help your mind and body become more connected, and is used often when talking about Holistic Nutrition. What exactly is Reiki? Reiki is a gentle, light-touch treatment, used to accelerate the body’s natural ability to relax, release stress and heal itself on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. It supports the body, mind and spirit in returning to its natural state of balance and wellbeing. Reiki also has the ability to identify and address the mind and heart issues behind your relationship with food in order to cope with emotional eating, overeating, binging, and/or food restriction. At Body Positive Works we create treatments around the individual; listening to your needs and creating sessions that empower and celebrate you. There is no exception when it comes to Reiki treatments. Your Reiki Master will create a treatment based entirely on your needs. If you haven’t already, it is something that is definitely worth a try!


Meditation is a form of training your mind in order to reconstruct the experience of being inside your head. It is a wonderful way to take negative thoughts and clear them from your mind so that they don’t take over. Becoming a victim to your own mind is a challenging thing to handle, but meditation provides you with the tools to be able to let those negative thoughts and feelings drift away without bringing you down. Learning to meditate is like learning any skill. Think of it like going to the gym – it takes time to build muscles that you’ve never used before. It takes two things to build that muscle – consistent practice and a good teacher to teach you the techniques and keep you motivated! At Body Positive Works, Our meditation teachers will help deepen your practice, teaching you techniques to help you de-stress and develop your experience of inner peace, compassion, and understanding. This will empower you to act with tranquility, even when life goes pear-shaped. Move off your cushion feeling inspired, nourished, and balanced.

Now, after reading all of this, don’t feel intimidated and that you need to be doing all of these in order to get back on track. Like I mentioned before, it’s all about YOU and your individual journey. Additionally, these three types of therapy aren’t all that are available. Our team of specialists is all about working with you and treating you around your needs. If you feel like you may be interested in trying any of these, speaking from experience, giving it a try won’t hurt, there’s no pressure! I couldn’t believe the impact that it had on my mental serenity!

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