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Embrace Holistic Well-Being

Discover Our Diverse Services

At Body Positive Works, we are dedicated to supporting your journey towards holistic well-being. While our massage services are no longer available, we invite you to explore a wide range of other offerings that can have a similar positive impact on your overall health and wellness. Our diverse services, led by experienced practitioners, provide a nurturing and inclusive space for your personal growth and transformation.

Mindfulness and Meditation
Experience the profound benefits of mindfulness and meditation in promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and enhancing mental clarity. Join our guided meditation classes or one-to-one coaching sessions to cultivate inner peace and emotional balance in your daily life.

Yoga and Pilates
Embrace the practice of yoga and Pilates to improve flexibility, strength, and body awareness. Our skilled instructors lead classes suitable for all levels, creating a nurturing environment for you to explore the mind-body connection.

Nutrition Counseling
Nourish your body with our holistic approach to nutrition counseling. Our experts will guide you on a weight-neutral and health-centered journey, promoting self-love and self-acceptance in your relationship with food.

Art Therapy and EFT
Discover the power of creative expression and emotional freedom techniques (EFT) in supporting your mental and emotional well-being. Our art therapy sessions and EFT coaching offer unique ways to explore and release emotions, facilitating healing and growth.

Reiki and Sound Healing
Indulge in the healing energies of Reiki and Sound Healing to restore balance and harmony within your body and mind. Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation in these sessions led by skilled practitioners.

Educational Workshops
Join our educational workshops on various topics related to mental health, wellness, and personal growth. Learn from experts in the field and gain valuable insights to navigate life’s challenges.

Community and Support
At Body Positive Works, we believe in the power of community and support. Engage with like-minded individuals in our wellness events, support groups, and mindfulness classes to foster meaningful connections and shared growth.

Discover Your Path to Wellness
While massage services are no longer offered, we are excited to offer a multitude of other services that can help you achieve total well-being. Our dedicated team of practitioners is here to guide you on your wellness journey, providing expert guidance and compassionate support.

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Explore our diverse services and embrace a holistic approach to your well-being. Check out our offerings and take a step towards a healthier, happier you. Contact us to learn more and embark on your path to wellness at Body Positive Works.

Holistic Services in New Jersey

Visit us in New Jersey. We are located in a beautiful historical house in the heart of Saddle River, Bergen County, NJ.
We are next door to the Municipal Building and  centrally located with convenient access to Rt. 17 and the Garden State Parkway, and on the border of Rockland County.
See how close you are to us on the map from all localities in New Jersey.