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Yoga for Addiction & Recovery, “Journey. Tend. Evolve.”

SATURDAY, 22 OCTOBER 2022 FROM 10:15-11:30

Integrating traditional yoga practices with the teachings of 12-Step Recovery.

Yoga for Addiction & Recovery, “Journey. Tend. Evolve.”

Yoga for Addiction & Recovery, “Journey. Tend. Evolve”

Integrating traditional yoga practices with the teachings of 12-Step Recovery, this class incorporates postural practice, breath work, meditation and the wisdom of the 12-Step recovery model as explored through a yogic lens.

At the heart of the 12-Step model is recovery and community, very similarly to the teachings of yoga. In this nurturing practice, you are encouraged, supported and in community on the journey back home to self.

Body Positive Works
Our Mantra is “No Judgment”

Body Positive Works is the marriage of Eastern & Western wellness practices in one magical place. We are a compassionate Wellness Center for Mind, Body and Soul. Supporting you while you find your way back home to your true self.

Your Yoga Instructor Maria Salvatore

Maria’s yoga practice has provided a source of balance and inspiration during phases of change, challenge, and self-study. To her, yoga is an earnest companion for growth that is both physical and mental – both are pathways for an initiation to openness, compassion, and mindfulness. “My primary intention is to help people learn to heal themselves.” In late childhood/early adulthood she was plagued by anxiety, depression, addiction, body image issues, and broken relationships—these experiences led her to heal and transform mind, body, and soul. She experienced it as “alchemy.” Says Maria, “I had a chemical reaction to the first yoga class I took some 16 years ago (2002). So much so that many years later, I changed my career, my mothering, the people I surround myself with, my analyst, my diet, and the way that I saw myself… I did not plan to become a yoga instructor, but it was an organic result of my urge to honor and teach this practice, wherever it takes me.”

From her hometown of River Vale she has been teaching happiness, awareness, and joyful living. Maria has devoted her life to inspiring others to be themselves. Maria has extensive knowledge and education in health and fitness, anatomy, and holistic nutrition. However, she believes that inner work is most rewarding. She sees that everyone has the potential to feel contentment, and she uses asana as a tool to guide her students towards inner peace. She uses her boundless enthusiasm and a realistic approach to challenge as a way to connect. When she is not in the yoga studio, you can usually find her walking her Chesapeake Bay Retriever, riding horses with her daughter, or spending time at home with her husband, two cats, and three stepchildren.

Maria gives thanks to all her yoga teachers and students. In addition to her 500 RYT- yoga certification which includes Y12SR- Yoga for Addiction and Recovery, Yoga Barre, Yin Yoga Restorative, Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda. She is also certified in group fitness AFFA and is a personal training corrective exercise specialist (NASM, CPR-AED).