Book Wah! Live - Friday October 7th 7:30pm

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Kirtan is a musical form of meditation where the community joins together and sings call and response to ancient sanskrit mantras. If singing isn’t your thing NO WORRIES, even just bathing in the vibrations or dancing is known to evoke the meditative mind and bring about pure bliss!

Special Live Performance From Wah!

We’re excited to invite you for a night of Kirtan, dancing and joy with Wah!

Wah! is a world renowned musician bringing healing through sound and the teachings of yoga. LESS STRESS MORE WAH! is a bumper sticker her fans made. It sums up what people are feeling about Wah! and her music, books, and lectures. After 20 years touring and performing throughout the world, she continues helping people relax and de-stress.

“Our lives are filled with distractions and disruptions that take us away from ourselves; we end up feeling stressed and disconnected.” Wah! feels a new kind of experience is necessary. “I want to improve how we live our lives on this planet and create events which inspire peace and cooperation.”
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