Body Positive Works

LGBTQIA+ Affirming Specialists
Bergen County, NJ

Body Positive Works is a space that affirms individuals and couples who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Our practitioners are either LGBTQIA+ identified or are open to learning and receive feedback on ways to be more affirming.

What is LGBTQIA+?

LGBTQIA+ is an initialism that refers to sexuality and gender identity. It stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual or ally, other non-heterosexual people, which can include pansexual or genderqueer.

As a space that affirms individuals and couples who are part of this community:

We will use the name and pronoun you prefer to be called

We understand that coming out happens at different times in people’s lives, such as childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and adulthood

We know that coming out later in life means that this new discovery of self might impact spouses, as well as children

Therefore, we work with the individual, and if so desired, their family to ensure respect and safety

For non-binary or trans-identifying people: we will not force transition, but rather walk through every stage you want and allow you to be the guide of how you want to be with this

Why Choose Us?

As a practice, we have practitioners who are LGBTQIA+ identified. The practitioners who are not LGBTQIA+ identified are always learning and open to feedback on how to be more affirming. This means that you will not need to educate us, but we are always open to new learning.

Our Location

Our home is a beautiful heritage house in the heart of Saddle River, Bergen County, NJ. We are directly across the street from Wandell Elementary School and next door to the Municipal Building.
We are centrally located with convenient access to Rt. 17 and the Garden State Parkway, and on the border of Rockland County. Check out how close you are to us on the map from all localities – including Fair Lawn, Glen Rock, Hawthorne, Hillsdale, Hohokus, Mahwah, and Waldwick.

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