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“The Only Constant In Life Is Change,” wrote the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, over 2,000 years ago. As individuals and in community, by choice or by happenstance, nothing remains the same. Physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, we grow, and yet sometimes our growth feels paused by loss. 

As things change, we may experience it as though we are losing parts of ourselves, the way we used to do things, communities we belonged to, physical or cognitive abilities, and people we love. This creates grief. Grief is not linear, and we cycle through stages over and over as we heal.

What is Grief + Loss?

When someone close to us dies, we may feel lost, uncertain, as if frozen and overwhelmed with sadness, anger, or confusion. We may wonder who we are if we are no longer someone’s grandchild, child, sibling, spouse, partner, friend, or parent. 

A story is told…when we lose someone close to us, it is as if our heart shatters and splinters all over. Like birds, these shards that are our heart fly away. Over time, one piece comes back at a time. They slowly mend as one piece of us falls back into place…

Why Choose Us?

All of our therapists are trained in holding the complexity of grief and loss, and some are certified Grief Educators through David Kessler’s certification training.

David Kessler, the world-renowned expert on grief and loss, has added a sixth stage to the original five devised by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross many decades ago. This sixth stage of grief – finding meaning – is what helps us to remember with “more love than pain” (Kessler). At Body Positive Works, we walk beside you as you step along each stepping stone of the grief process. 

Stages of grief: 






Finding Meaning

Our Location

Body Positive Works is located in a beautiful heritage house in the heart of Saddle River, Bergen County, NJ. We are directly across the street from Wandell Elementary School and next door to the Municipal Building.
We are centrally located with convenient access to Rt. 17 and the Garden State Parkway, and on the border of Rockland County. Check out how close you are to us on the map from all localities – including Fair Lawn, Glen Rock, Hawthorne, Hillsdale, Hohokus, Mahwah, and Waldwick.
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