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Yoga in Bergen County

Last Updated: December 11, 2023

Over the past twenty years or so, Bergen County New Jersey has seen a boom in the yoga world. As yoga has become a mainstream method of exercise and staying healthy, its many other benefits have also been discovered. People now associate the word “yoga” not only with exercise but also with relaxation and restoration of body, mind, and spirit. Good thing too, because we all need a little R&R living in one of the most densely populated counties in New Jersey! Those traffic jams! Bergen County alone has over 930,000 residents! That is a lot of people for just above 246 square miles!

Just as Bergen County has grown in numbers, so has the number of yoga studios. Yoga studios in Bergen County are plenty, and so are the students that visit them. There are so many schools, or styles of yoga, that one studio couldn’t possibly teach them all!

Most studios offer a sampling of a few different styles of yoga, concentrate on one, or use an integrated combination. If you are looking for yoga classes in Bergen County you can find a wide range of choices from Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, Ashtanga, to prenatal yoga and kids yoga. There really is something for everyone and there certainly is a lot to choose from. Yoga is just as diverse as New Jersey!

As Bergen County’s premier holistic health and wellness center, Body Positive Works is extremely honored to offer integrative wellness to our community. We believe that everyone should have the support that they need on their journey to wellness. We are proud to live and work in such a beautiful area of Northern New Jersey. Our historic building, steeped in history and good vibes, is nestled in the lovely town of Saddle River. To be able to offer yoga and our many other wellness services out of this space is truly an honor. BoPo Yoga is proud to call this little corner of the world home. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our community a safe, accepting, and happy place to begin or grow your yoga practice.

Witnessing yoga blossom, and watching its demand grow, really speaks to the need for it. It is a tried and true practice that has helped many people make positive changes in their life. Here at Body Positive Works, we stand witness to this every day. Yoga in Bergen County is an amazing community made up of teachers and students alike, all working to bring this beautiful practice to light. As a yoga studio in Bergen County, BoPo Yoga is honored to be a part of it!