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Why A Yoga Studio Helps Your Yoga Practice

Last Updated: December 11, 2023

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between sitting in a Yoga Studio compared to doing Yoga at home? There is a major difference between the two, and having somewhere to go to specifically do Yoga is super important. When you think of Yoga, especially Yoga in Bergen County, there is a lot out there to choose from. But, regardless of the studio, finding one to consistently go to that makes you feel comfortable can be extremely beneficial in your yoga experience and journey

Why? Well, yoga is a practice that involves a lot of patience, focus, and open-mindedness. So, being in a place where you can accomplish these things is crucial in having a good yoga practice. Not only is it about the right, peaceful environment, but about how that peaceful environment affects you. If you are constantly moving and going to different places to do your yoga, it may be difficult to focus, as there are a lot of new things you may not be used to happening around you. But, when in the same studio all of the time, the honking outside or air conditioning sounds like white noise, rather than your biggest distraction. Additionally, the music is similar, and you can use that consistent energy to help your yoga practice stay calm and enjoyable.

At Body Positive Works, our studio embodies a peaceful, safe place. This is vital in a yoga class especially, because not only are you around others that are also looking for that safe space, but can find peace in being here.

Additionally, when being at a Yoga studio, there are a lot of different equipment that may look a little confusing or intimidating. But not to worry, instructors are always very clear on how to use each material and explain what they are for. Knowing what everything in the room is and where to find it can help you feel more knowledgeable and at home in your yoga studio. Some of the commonly used equipment in a Yoga studio are:

Yoga Blocks Yoga Blocks are used to improve your alignment and help support you in your yoga practice. The most common uses are sitting on them to help raise your chest and torso up or placing your hands on them for extra support rather than on the floor. This gives the effect of raising the floor level to meet your hand rather than forcing your hand to be on the floor. Many use these blocks as a way to help hold their position with the proper form because they struggle with their flexibility. This is completely normal and encouraged during yoga!

Yoga Mat This one is the most commonly known and used, and arguably the most important in yoga, especially if you are on hard floors. With that being said, Yoga Mats serve many uses, offering you your own personal space in the studio untouched by others, and gives you traction for your hands and feet, so when you are holding yourself up you don’t slip. Another obvious part of using a yoga mat is preventing discomfort from hard floors.

Straps Yoga Straps are really useful during your practice, especially in stretches that challenge your flexibility. Additionally, when using yoga straps, you are most likely using them as an “arm extender”, when trying to grab onto your foot but can’t completely reach. An example of this is when you lift your legs up in the air with your back on the ground and wrap the strap around the arches of your feet. This gives you that hamstring stretch while keeping your back on the ground. This is only one example of a use for the strap, and the list goes on!

Bolsters Bolsters are used in many different ways. They are a comfortable type of support used as a seat, back rest, and more. Using bolsters in a studio can be not only comfortable, but help you feel more supported.

Now, with all of this knowledge about a few different types of yoga equipment, I know that in order to practice efficiently, using these are not required to practice yoga, but they are definitely helpful and beneficial. Finding a Yoga studio that is best for your needs is crucial, so know that no matter what, whether doing yoga in your living room, office, or at a studio, doing something for yourself is the first and most important step in your journey.