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Why Holistic Nutrition Can Be Beneficial for You

Last Updated: December 11, 2023

Google “what is nutrition?” and you will get the obvious answer: that nutrition is the intake of food in relation to your dietary needs. Good nutrition – defined as a well-balanced diet and regular exercise – is a cornerstone of good health. Poor nutrition leaves you vulnerable to illness, impairs physical and mental development, and lowers productivity.

At Body Positive Works, nutrition is so much more than a “good” diet. It’s about nourishment on every level, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This holistic approach encompasses our relationships with our family, friends, nature, the wider world, and most importantly, our relationship with ourselves.

That’s why we identify and address the mind and heart issues behind your relationship with food in order to cope with emotional eating, overeating, binging, and/or food restricting.

However, how exactly can Holistic Nutrition benefit you? There are so many amazing things and steps to proper holistic nutrition, but know that the whole point is that it is catered towards your needs, unlike a specific diet or step-by-step nutrition program. That’s what can make working with a nutritionist or registered dietician extremely beneficial. Whether you are looking to improve your lifestyle with your nutrition, want to become more educated on what specific foods can do for your body, or are in recovery/working towards recovery for disordered eating, Nutritionists can help you through it all. At Body Positive Works, we go way deeper than what you eat. Holistic Nutrition is all about focusing on empowering women to eat intuitively and mindfully while creating a safe space for collaboration, self-love, and acceptance. Here are three amazing ways that Holistic Nutrition can help you. 

Learn about Nourishing Nutrition 

Holistic nutritionists help their patients learn about healthy, balanced, nourishing eating while also implementing dietary requirements in order to help them reach their goals. This can range from adding more of a specific food group or limiting something that can be preventing you from feeling better.  Instead of just recommending a weight loss plan and letting you figure out the rest yourself, they teach you what clean, balanced eating can look like, how to make smarter choices, and what certain foods do and don’t do for your body. Additionally, a holistic nutritionist can help you identify hidden sugars and harmful chemicals lurking in everyday foods. They can also assess your nutritional needs and adjust your diet accordingly. 

Find Your Emotional Balance

Oftentimes, weight gain and poor health can be caused by depression, anxiety, trauma, and emotional problems that you might not be aware of. It is important to address these struggles in order to holistically have a happier and healthier lifestyle, as eating goes way further than knowing what is good for you and what isn’t. Knowing when your body uses food as a coping mechanism can be really beneficial so you can help fight those urges. A holistic nutritionist will consider these aspects before creating your diet. They will try to figure out what causes you to binge on food, why you’ve gained weight in the first place.

Boost Your Motivation

Holistic nutritionists have the ability to inspire and motivate people to reach whatever their goals may be (weight loss, weight gain, better health, etc). They teach them how the body uses food and how to get the nutrients needed to keep it functioning at its peak.

For instance, if you’re eating out of stress or emotionally eating, a holistic nutritionist can show you how to cope with this issue and stick to your diet. They can provide you with guidance and teach you how to distinguish between emotional and physical hunger. Over time, you’ll develop a healthy relationship with food and ditch bad habits, such as binge eating. 

With that being said, once you can determine this part of yourself, it can boost your motivation to be healthier not only because of how confident you feel, but also to start exercising and implementing other things into your life can help you be a better you.