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Anxiety with the End of the School Year

Last Updated: September 5, 2022

As the school year comes to an end, many students and parents become extremely stressed about all of the upcoming events, deadlines, and next steps. This can be true for all age levels, whether it be someone approaching middle or high school or someone going off to college, graduating college and starting a new job, or ending the year as a teacher wondering what the summer entails. 

It can be stressful to know that things in your life are changing, especially when you are comfortable with where you are. However, as important as comfort is, sometimes to be the happiest we have to put ourselves in outside of the box situations, move forward, and progress into our potential. 

For many, this means taking that next step, maturing into a new year of school, or a job or school away from home. These things for healthy for us as human beings. However, regardless of if you are excited, nervous, scared, angry, or sad about this change happening, there are ways to work through it and transform such important energy into a good thing. 

There are some things that can really help you through such a crazy time in your life, and help you process emotions you don’t even realize that you’re feeling. I know for me, with so many senior activities like graduation, prom, trips, summer jobs, classwork, and college responsibilities, I am constantly surrounding myself with activities that distract me from processing and breathing. This is true for everyone, though. It is vital to take a step back from it all and be able to process, reflect, and breathe. Here are a few tips for destressing during the stressful (but exciting) time of the year. 

Go on a walks/runs

Walking or running is an amazing way to release endorphins while allowing yourself time to talk things through, think and reflect, and allow your body to move through the stress. Exercising and moving is such an amazing way for you to release stress while doing something good for yourself. Now that the weather is warming up, it is much easier to go outside, get some fresh air and vitamin D, and enjoy the nature around you. 

Work on your neuroplasticity

Your brain has a ton of different pathways that tell it what to do, how to feel, etc. But, if you don’t practice changing the way you think, you can feel stuck. If you are feeling stressed about an upcoming deadline, rather than associating it with negativity and anger, try to make it fun and easy, and think of it in a positive light- something that lifts your spirits and brings you closer to your end goal. 

Schedule time for Self-Care 

It can be said a million times, but until you really do it and dedicate time for yourself, it won’t work. Self Care is so important, especially around this time of the year. As the weather becomes warmer, it can be easier to be motivated to get outside. However, self-care is different for everyone. While one person’s self-care may be exercising, walking, or running, another person’s self-care could be doing a face mask, reading a book, laying out in the sun and listening to a podcast/music, or many others. Although your end-of-the-year goals are still very important, it is vital to make time for yourself, have a balance, know when your brain needs a break and when it doesn’t, and treat yourself with kindness. 

At the end of the day, everything that is good can come with stress. It’s the way you process and look at the situation that can make you feel all of the world better. At Body Positive Works, we are here to help you work through those stressors and find ways to process, breathe, and give you the tools to help you through it all.