Meditation Classes, Pranayama and Sound Healing
Bergen County NJ

Our meditation teachers will teach you techniques including pranayama and sound healing, to help you develop an experience of inner peace, compassion & understanding.

Act with equanimity, even when life goes pear shaped. Specializing in anxiety, depression, negative body image, eating disorders, & substance addiction.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a way of training your mind in order to transform the experience of being inside your head. Imagine if you were able to send negative thinking on its way without it taking you over? What if you were no longer a victim to whatever thought or feeling drifted into your mind? You will learn to observe these thoughts or feelings without judgment and this distance will enable you to create a moment by moment experience of peace, perspective and positivity.

Learning to meditate is like learning any skill. Think of it like going to the gym – it takes time to build muscles that you’ve never used before. It takes two things to build that muscle – consistent practice and a good teacher to teach you the techniques and keep you motivated.

What is Pranayama?

One of our meditation techniques is pranayama. Pranayama is an integral part of yoga practice. It is listed alongside asana (physical posture) in classical texts like the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The word is composed of two Sanskrit words: prana meaning life force, and ayāma, to extend or draw out. Thus, the word pranayama means "extension of the life force".

There are many different techniques under the umbrella of pranayama, and each technique can be manipulated and combined with other techniques, resulting in a nearly infinite number of ways to practice. The intensity of pranayama comes through challenging the breath in various ways. We challenge ourselves through slowing the breath down, alternating its movement through the nose, and momentarily stopping its flow. Unlike many "advanced" yoga postures, pranayama does not rely on physical dexterity to create a challenge. Because breathwork takes us into intimate dialogue with the mind, it could be argued that pranayama offers a more direct route into truly advanced yoga practice.

What is Sound Healing?

Another of our meditation techniques is sound healing. Our sound healing practitioner uses Himalayan Singing Bowls and gong meditations to quiet the mind, clear energetic and emotional blockages and decrease anxiety; these are just some of the benefits of sound healing.

The idea is to raise your body’s vibrational frequency in order to release negative energy and open up pathways to healing, peace and clarity in the physical world.

Sound Healing

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are nothing short of life transforming; it’s a skill that can improve your overall sense of wellbeing by developing inner peace, compassion, and understanding. It is a simple way to release stress and support your body, mind and spirit in returning to their natural state of peace and wholeness.

There are thousands of clinical studies on the health benefits of meditation; the conclusion is that meditation’s health benefits center around its ability to relax the nervous system. Benefits include lower blood pressure and heart rate, less stress, anxiety and depression, and an increased sense of wellbeing. There is growing evidence that, with regular practice, these benefits are long lived – that calm mind and feeling of inner harmony will last long after you’ve stacked your meditation cushion.

Why Choose Us?

Our meditation teachers will help deepen your practice; teaching you techniques to help you de-stress and develop your experience of inner peace, compassion, and understanding, empowering you to act with equanimity, even when life goes pear shaped. Move off your cushion feeling inspired, nourished and balanced.

Our Meditation Classes

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Meditation and Breathing (Pranayama) Class:

Prana is our breath and the vital life force in our bodies. Pranayama is the relationship to our breath – teaching us to control the movement of our minds. The more we become aware of our breath, the more we are able to calm the mind and access and experience the bliss of our existence through meditation.

This class will help you understand the breath and teach you techniques to access the breath, quiet the mind, and turn into the sublime radiance of your heart. This class will also teach you how to meditate, exploring what meditation is, and what it is not.

Interesting and new meditation styles will be introduced, specially geared to calm the mind, alleviate depression, anger, and make the mind stronger. Prepare to feel blissful, and access the source of your inspiration, creativity, and highest potential.

Pranayama and meditation will greatly benefit your yoga practice – by creating more awareness of your breath. But, most importantly, pranayama and meditation will significantly improve the quality of your life; both the way you lead your life and the way in which you respond to life.

These practices will deepen your connection to Spirit and have the potential to manifest abundant happiness and peace in your life. Think of pranayama and meditation as food for the brain – nourishing it to become more healthy, vibrant and at ease.

No previous experience with pranayama or meditation is necessary. Both beginners and experienced meditators are welcome.  

Is Pranayama Right for You?

If you are curious about how yoga practices inform the yogic conception of the mind, and you are interested in experiencing the more subtle and powerful benefits of yoga practice, pranayama might be a fascinating and helpful practice for you. There's only one way to find out, right? We welcome you to come to take a class and experience it for yourself.  

Sound Healing Meditation

Quiet your mind and release old physical and energetic patterns with sound healing meditation. The use of Himalayan Singing Bowls, vibrationally attuned to each energy center, allows for healing pathways to open and stuck energy to be released. Find your inner calm and walk away feeling refreshed and renewed.

Sound Healing classes take place on the first Friday of every month 7-8.30pm. Limited to 15 people. Book early!  

Our Meditation Classes for Specific Groups

Our meditation classes are appropriate for everyone – from kids and teens to the middle aged and the elderly.

Some of the ways we can help:

Meditation for beginners
Meditation for kids
Meditation for tweens
Meditation for teens
Meditation for prenatal and postnatal women
Meditation for menopause
Meditation for negative body image
Meditation for addiction
Meditation for eating disorders
Meditation for depression
Meditation for anxiety

Our Meditation Teachers

Our Location

Our home is a beautiful heritage house at the heart of Saddle River, Bergen County NJ. We are directly across the street from Wandell Elementary School, and next door to the Municipal Building.

We are centrally located with convenient access to Rt. 17 and the Garden State Parkway, and on the border of Rockland County. Check out how close you are to us on the map or use our drive time calculator from all localities – including Fair Lawn, Glen Rock, Hawthorne, Hillsdale, Hohokus, Mahwah, Waldwick... meditation classes this good are well worth a short drive. Promise!