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Interested in Offering a Workshop, Class or Program at BoPoWorks?

If you would like to offer a workshop, class or program at BoPoWorks, please answer the following questions in your contact message:

  1. How did you hear about BoPoWorks?
  2. What is the program you would like to offer at BoPoWorks?
  3. How does your program support our mission at BoPoWorks?
  4. How many hours is the program?
  5. When would you like to offer the program?
  6. What do you charge for the program and what would be your ideal financial arrangement with BoPoWorks?
  7. How would you market the program?
  8. Have you offered this program before and if so where did you offer it, and how many attendees did you have?
  9. Do you plan to offer this program anywhere else, and if so where and when?
  10. Do you have liability insurance? (Please be aware that we require contractors to submit a copy of their liability insurance.)